Circus in the Forest ♡ Iron On Name Tags

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Add a touch of cuteness to you child’s bag or clothing with these adorable name tags! As they make your bag easy to recognize these are handy when your child goes to day-care or nursery school ♡

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Circus in the Forest Iron On Name Tags
Size approx 10 × 20 cm
Material: PET

How to use:
1) Cut out the tag you want to use
2) Place it on the ironable fabric (white adhesive side down)
3) Iron it. Keep the ironing temperature at medium (120-140 °C) and press for about 10-20 seconds
4) Slowly peel off the upper sheet. Be careful of burning.
5) Write the name with an oil-based pen

Warning: only use on ironable fabrics. The labels can’t be transferred to waterproof items. Use an ironing board.
Once transferred it can’t be peeled off. Insufficient ironing may cause peeling.

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